Thursday, November 14, 2013

Now Dual booting ChromeOS (20GB) and Ubuntu Saucy Salamander (100GB)

Update:  I now have successfully installed Ubuntu Saucy using Jay Lee's Chr-Ubuntu script (9sgchs). Now I have a dual-boot ChromeOS/Ubuntu 13.10 laptop. I tested the built-in t-mobile modem and it works just as it does in ChromeOS.  I tried to "plug and play" install my brother USB Laser Printer, but it didn't work.  I think I'll have to install the drivers from Brother manually.  I am still having a major ChromeOS issue.  The system crashes at the Chrome login screen and restarts to the "Chrome is missing or damaged" error when not on AC power.  It has got to be a ChromeOS problem, because using the Legacy boot into Ubuntu works plugged-in or on battery power.  I guess this is going to be mainly my Ubuntu machine for now until there is a fix.  When I have some free time I will try to test some other peripherals.  


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  2. But Chrome OS worked fine with the 128 GB SSD until you installed Chrubuntu, correct?

  3. No, I tested to see if it would boot with only ChromeOS and it had the startup issue where it had to be plugged into AC Power. Some people at Google asked me to send some system data to them, but I never heard anything back from them. Installing Chrubuntu actually solved my problem because it allowed me to use the laptop "as a laptop" and not connected to a power outlet.