Friday, November 8, 2013

Success! Rescued and restored 128GB NGFF SSD!

Re-write GUID Partition Table (GPT) using NGFF to SSD Adapter

Here is the adapter I used to access my unbootable ChromeOS NGFF SSD:

As you can see, it adapts a NGFF SSD so that it fits into a standard Serial ATA interface port.

Pictured here is the adapter is on top of a Serial ATA 2.5" hard drive.  Notice that the connector is identical.

I inserted my 128GB NGFF SSD into the Adapter:

Then, I inserted the Adapter into a USB to Serial ATA drive Adapter:

I connected this drive to my Ubuntu-Linux laptop and fired up GParted:

Next, from the GParted menu I chose Device/Create Partition Table:

From the drop-down box select "gpt".

I did not create any partitions.  I just left it unallocated:

Next, I opened up my Chromebook and replaced the stock SSD with my 128GB SSD.  I plugged in my recovery USB memory stick and ChromeOS (Falco) was restored and is working properly again.


  1. Many thanks, fantastic tutorial mate!!!

  2. i am having issues with an NGFF drive i have in my lenovo laptop, and i found this writeup during my search for help.
    I have a question for you: why did you choose to use GPT instead of the (more common) MBR partition style?

    1. I believe GPT is required for ChromeOS. ChromeOS creates multiple partitions (I think it's 7 or so) and MBR has limitations on the number of partitions (4). GPT is also required for UEFI boot. I can't recall if my Chromebook is using UEFI boot or not, but GPT is compatible. Windows 8 and MacOS require GPT and that seems to be the general direction for hard disk partitioning. There is a lot of published information on MBR vs GPT.

  3. There is no issue with startup time ?

  4. No. This SSD is as fast or faster than the original. Since I use developer mode, I have to hit Ctrl+L or Ctrl+D at the BIOS screen, but that is the only extra step.

  5. Can you let us know where the hard drive is located and any steps on how you got to it?

  6. Hey Warrenbert, I'm getting a "No bootable kernel found on disk" on the original SSD on my HP 14. Do you think it could be possible to fix it without losing data? If not, do you know if data recovery software work on SSD's? Thanks!

  7. Many thanks, fantastic tutorial mate!!!
    Dear Warrenbert, I want to install 128 SSD, as you did. Why do you need this adapter to start gparted? A new SSD should be enpty. I will install WIN7 and Chr-Ubuntu 13.10.
    Ubuntu Instalation normaly starts with partitioning the HDD.

    1. You are correct. The adapter is not necessary. It is only needed if you want to connect it to another PC.